Writing Porn, Getting Books Out, Doing This Thing

So, I’ll just get this out now: I have one story out, The Lizardman’s Price available at Smashwords and Amazon. I’ll put an excerpt at the end of this post for those interested, but right now, let’s talk other things.

I probably should have put an announcement here the day I released it but honestly I’m still floundering a little here. There’s so much in the way of social media advice; post on a blog, do twitter, start a newsletter. All about building a following, having a brand. And it’s all helpful, don’t get me wrong, and I’m sure it’s all valuable there’s just so much of it. It’s that same feeling when you’re just starting a job and you don’t know anything and so you end up asking really stupidly simple questions like “Where are the staplers?” even though you don’t even need to staple anything, you just need something familiar and to know where it is. This is a new job and I definitely don’t need to staple anything.

Keywords are the biggest thing. I completely understand how keywords can directly impact my sales, but God help me if I can figure out which ones I should apply to the one story I have up and the story I’m getting ready to release. It’s all a learning process of course, throwing keywords at the wall and seeing what sticks to the readers, but it’s a pretty steep learning curve, I think. To me, this just explains why there aren’t more people doing this and why the market isn’t really saturated as of yet. There is, of course, a hell of a lot of smut, but there’s that demand for novelty and, I’ll level with you all here, I thought this was gonna be easier. Not easy, don’t get me wrong, I know what publishing is like. But man, to hear some people tell it, the money is supposed to just roll in as soon as you have a couple quickies slapped up on Amazon. Not so much.

Which I’m okay with, to say the least. I like the idea of throwing myself into a challenge. I have a crap ton of backlog for stories between me and my writing partner (who is still picking his pen name), so it’s just a matter of learning the best editing process, then streamlining all the “fun” marketing stuff; covers, blurbs, keywords, social media, all of those new skills. I’m overwhelmed but I’m still excited.

The thing I’m most focused on right now is the advice I keep seeing over and over; get more books out. The best way to get more money is to publish more. The best way to advertise is to publish more. The best way to get loyal readers is to publish more. Publish more and more and more and you almost can’t publish too much. So. I’ll just keep on rolling.

But enough of my yammering for now. Here is that excerpt I promised;


The two green ones attacked anyway, one leaping at her guide while the other came for her. She screamed and waved her hands in a fast pattern in front of her, throwing up a shield. The dark green lizardman bounced off it, but it knocked the shield’s power right out and he was getting up again. She scrambled, trying to move, but that red tail was wrapped around her and the lizardman was leaping and she threw up her arms and–

Nothing hit. The mage slowly opened her eyes and screamed again when all she could see was a large open mouth with long sharp fangs. Then the green one fell back and to the side, split open from groin to neck. Antoch was breathing heavily and threw his long dagger to the ground.

Lily looked around and saw the other green one in a similar state to the other side. “Wow, you really are–”

“Be quiet.” The tail around her tightened again, enough that it was getting hard to breathe.

“An–Antoch, your… your tail…”

“Woman be quiet,” the lizardman snapped, while one hand went up to rub his head.

The mage listened, but instead she started trying to pull his tail off by grabbing the end and yanking. The lizardman stiffened his spine straightening like she had shocked him. So she kept tugging, hoping that would get him to unravel but he just wasn’t letting go.

“Antoch,” she gasped, “please, I need…”

His tail unwrapped from around her and Lily had just enough time to breathe in deeply when she suddenly found herself scooped up and lowered to her back to the ground. Her vision spun for a moment, trying to reorient herself when she realized Antoch had positioned himself above her and was breathing deeply.

“Uhm…” This is awkward. “What are you…”

“Mine,” the lizardman growled. His tongue darted out past from behind his sharp teeth, licking up her neck.

She shivered. It had… felt good. And it was long tongue too. But… “What are you doing?” she asked, putting her hands on the ground and starting to push away.

Antoch growled and used one massive hand on her stomach to pin her in place. “Mine,” he insisted. After seeing the flash of fear on her face the lizardman shut his eyes and took another long breath in, but didn’t move his hand. “Ms. Hastling, I… apologize. I need to…” He growled and moved his hand off her stomach just long enough to rip the animal hide away from his waist.

Lily stared. “Oh.” Then, “Goodness.” Because she had looked down, eyes naturally moving to the movement, and found herself staring down at a very large cock. She took a sharp breath in and tried to flatten her pelvis and stomach away from it, even under his hand. That was far too much cock, really. He looked a good and thick ten inches, heavy enough that she could see most of it from the way it angled down.

“Please, Ms. Hastling,” Antoch repeated, and even she could hear the desperate need in his gravel voice. His head lowered, licking slowly up her neck again, which made her gasp and shiver. “Say yes,” he added. “Once you say yes I can slow down. Control it.”

“Control what?” Lily demanded. She pushed again, trying to slip from his hand and yelped when his claws gently dug in.

The lizardman growled and there was anger in his orange eyes. “Saved you,” he said. “You’re–” His eyes shut and the snarl vanished as he pressed his lips together. “Please,” he repeated, the frustration as clear as the desperation. “You’ll love it. Please.”

“Get off me,” Lily said, voice firm.

The lizardman shuddered. For a few terrifying moments, the mage thought he wouldn’t listen. But his hand lifted away. And though it made his body shake, he pushed up and to his feet. Antoch wouldn’t look at her, but he had listened…

If you liked that, you can pick up The Lizardmand’s Price for $2.99 at Smashwords and Amazon. Thanks so much for reading!

Self Publishing Erotica, Honesty, and Melted Pizza

I’m not a very good liar, world.

So this is the deal; my day job might fire me if they know about my new night job or at the very least I’m gonna get attention in ways I don’t want. So I’m not gonna give out too many personal details. Danica Voss isn’t my real name, etc etc. I think everyone knows the drill.

But I’m gonna be as straight with you as possible (save the times I’m writing queer stories). I’m a woman, a gamer, new to vaping, and exceedingly new to self publishing. Like, really new. My poor friend Kitty Lane has done almost all the research work for me because she’s amazing and I’m pretty sure someone working with her is the motivation that keeps her going. Because if I finish and publish a story she really has to because I know absolutely nothing here and that would just be embarrassing.

Today what I did was set up accounts for this site, gmail, twitter, Amazon Kindle, and Smashwords. I didn’t realize just how stressful all that would be. It took me forever to come up with a damn pen name. And then all the marketing buzzwords, Christ on a cracker. Tax forms, titles, keywords, categories.

By the end of it my brain felt like this:

melted pizza

And honestly it still kind of does.

So I’m gonna chill for a while. I’m going to go back to writing, which I know how to do a lot better than I know how to self publish, and by Friday morning I’m gonna have a story for the erotica hungry masses.

Later lovelies.